About Flower Business Support


Since its founding in 2014, Flower Business Support has specialized in processing imported flowers of all types. A dedicated team is on hand to process your shipment up to the auction of buyer.

In addition to these primary actions, Flower Business Support offers numerous other services, including its own webshop, to offer you as a grower the best service, quality and price!

If you are interested in our services, please leave a message on this website or call our sales team!


Our handling process


In addition to the processing of imported flowers, Flower Business Support has its own webshop in which a varied range is available every day from all growers that Flower Business Support processes. As a buyer, you are therefore in the “first row”.

Flower Business Support also offers the possibility to make a tailor-made appointment with you in addition to the daily offer.

If you are interested in our webshop, request a login! Our sales team is also available for your customized offer!